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Why Use Refund Club

If you’ve paid for something and never received it, or maybe been charged for something you didn't authorise, a “chargeback” can be a very effective method of having the money returned to your card. Banks provide this payment dispute service for all credit and debit card holders, but many people aren’t sure what to say or do, which can make the process drawn out and difficult.

Unless of course you partner with Refund Club! We understand the dispute process better than anyone, and that means your chargeback request has a higher likelihood of succeeding. If you’re not sure what to say or how to answer the bank’s questions, our case managers will guide you through every step of the way.

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Your case manager will help you every step of the way.
Our expertise makes your chargeback request more likely to succeed.
Zero risk to you. We only charge 5% of the refunded amount if successful. Minimum $20.

Customer Stories

"Refund Club went above and beyond to ensure I got my money back. From start to finish, they were professional, friendly, and most of all - knowledgeable. I had initially tried to claim a refund on my own, but I was knocked back by the bank with a refusal. I then engaged Refund Club who guided me through the process, and I was able to get a FULL refund. Highly recommended. Thank you Refund Club!"

Judy Laden
"Refund Club was amazing, super helpful and kept us constantly informed. Especially as we were already so disappointed with our agency and had no real hope left, they kept us going and made the application process to our bank that much easier - honestly don't know that we would have had the same result without Refund Club. They had our backs"

Abbey Holding

"Without the help from Refund Club there’s no way I’d have received a refund. It’s clear to me that Refund Club know the rules and processes of chargebacks better than the banks (or at least BNZ) themselves. I’m over the moon with the result. While Nick warned me that there was no guarantee of success, he assisted me to pursue every possible avenue, and critically provided the case examples and sections of chargeback rules to prove my eligibility which forced the bank to act."
David Hosking

Follow three easy steps

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Tell Us What Happened
Help us build your case with our online tool.
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Submit your case
Your information is compiled and submitted to the bank.
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Get your money back
If successful, you will receive the refund directly to your debit/credit card in approx 3-5 weeks.
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Bringing Chargebacks into the 21st Century

If you call your bank directly with your chargeback refund request, a form and a phone call is the best you can hope for.
Refund Club have modernised this process to make it simpler, easier, and more likely to succeed! 

Knowledge is Power

Did you know the Visa and Mastercard guidelines for chargebacks are over 700 pages each?
We're experts in the process, which means we can negotiate more effectively and provide an even higher chance of success.

No risk for you.
It's only 5% of the refunded amount
Minimum $20.

Our mission

We believe that no one should ever have money taken from them and then returned as a “credit” - that’s just a very poor form of money with an expiry date!

Instead, we want to give you complete and total control over your money.

Join Refund Club today and let's take back what is ours.

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Copyright Refund Club, Inc. 2020.

Copyright Refund Club, Inc. 2020.